Friday, 4 November 2011

Some photos of the finished ribsructure.

 During the break last week, I made the mould and the ribstructure for the Viotti violin.
 Some photos of the ribs.
 Because this is my 6th ribstructure since the beginning of the course, I tryed this time to use quiet a lot of time to improve the precision and get good and even curves. I gave a particular attention to the corner shapes as they will determine the final outline of my violin.
 This is a detail of the left bottom corner. You can clearly see how the lining are inserted in the corner bloc coming from the C bout.
 This is the left top corner.
Another photo of the top corner to show the joint between C rib and top rib.
 This are the jointed plates with the outline drawn using the finished ribstructure and a 2,5 mm washer.

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