Saturday, 22 October 2011

New making project : Antonio Stradivari "Viotti" violin 1709.

This is the poster with most of the measurements from the "Viotti" Stradivari violin from 1709 (Golden period).
 I decided to go back to Stradivari, but trying out the same technique as I'm using for the Andrea Guarneri viola. I'm planning to work on both at the same time, it's what I did last year, and I find it is a good way to keep an eye on the evolution of my work. Every time I make a mistake, I get a chance to correct it straight away on the next instrument, that way I'm sure I won't have forgotten the mistake by the time I do the whole process again.
 This is a drawing of the full original back outline, but I chose the bass side which I modified slightly as a reference to make the template. I had to redraw the corners which are worn on the original Strad.
 Detail of the 'C'-bout and corners.
 My aim, as is was for the viola was to keep the original widths in top, bottom and 'C'-bout, so this time, I decided to move the left 'C'-bout in.
 Here, I compare the template I made with the original bass side on the poster.

 Outside and inside templates are done, I'm ready to start the mould!

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