Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Finishing the scroll of the viola, fitting the neck, edgework and final cleaning up.

Fluting on the viola scroll.
 Chamfer and scraping.
 Back view of finished scroll with the shoulders.
 The fingerboard is glued in place, the neck is ready to be fitted to the body.

 The neck is glued and clamped.
Detail photos of the high edge before the edgework is done.

 Corner before edgework.
 First chamfer for edgework.
 Detail of left bottom corner and f-hole (the edgework is done).
 Neck is shaped and sanded.
After the whole instruments has been cleaned with a hot water and a cloth, the surface is scraped with the right amount of pressure to get the right amount of surface texture. I don't want an absolutely flat and polished surface, but I don't want to leave it too rough either, it's a matter of taste!
Now, the viola is in a U.V. cabinet to get some "sun tan" before varnishing!