Friday, 24 June 2011

These are photo's of the clamping method I used to glue the crack.

 I used the small piece of transparent plastic to make sure both sides of the crack were level when gluing.

 To add some support to the crack, I glued 3 little dots of Japanese paper on the inside of the belly.

Once the crack was glued and the outside of the plate was cleaned and scraped, I put hot water in the purfling channel where the purfling came out to make sure everything was clean.

 The purfling is glued in!

There is the crack after cleaning and scraping the area!

These are some photo's of the finished repair. As you can see, I was quiet lucky, the crack is barely visible!
Even the purfling went back in really well.

Enjoy this photo of the finished violin! Can you see the crack?

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