Saturday, 14 May 2011

Last wednesday, I cracked the front of my fourth violin. These are some photos of the repair I am doing.

 On this photo, you can see the front just after the top of my toolbox felt on it...
The crack is actually going from one end to the other, but the purfling only cracked 
next to corner whereas at the other end, the purfling is still holding the piece.

On this photo, I put a small wedge to open the crack just to see how it looked like inside the crack.
That's when I found the crack was twisted on the end still held by the purfling which makes the repair
a bit more complicated.

These are two stretcher clamps closing the crack. It is important to clamp a supporting bar
on the other side of the plate to not end up with clamps pulling only from one side and distorting the plate.

Here, I tried another clamping method with diagonal pressure.

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Timothée Crabbé said...

OMG why do you always have to break your own work brother!?

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